Smallpox Structure


All simple carbs are absorbed quickly, most especially the processed, concentrated sugars found in syrup, soda, candy, and table sugar.

Poxviridae - Orthopoxvirus
non-seg., lin., dsDNA, complex, env.


Small Structure Small Structure
Smal Pox Structure
Smallpox belongs to the Orthopox virus genus. Poxviruses are very large, brick-shaped viruses about 300 x 200 nm (the size of small bacteria). They have a complex internal structure - a large double-stranded DNA genome (about 200 kbp in size) is enclosed within a core that is flanked by 2 lateral bodies. The surface of the virus particle is covered with filamentous protein components, so that the particles have the appearance of a ball of knitting wool. The entire particle is enclosed in an envelope derived from the host cell membranes.