Dairy products such as 

milk, cheese and yogurt are the best sources of calcium because they contain high amounts of calcium, and the calcium is well absorbed by the body.

Being overweight is the second leading cause of preventable death in the United States


Dietary Sources of Vitamin E




Food that help reduce Fat

SPINACH - Spinach and lettuce add bulk and they fill in your stomach and thus you have less apace for pasties and ice creams. These also have lots of iron, folate calcium and vitamin A,B,C and E. Women who take folate rich diet reduce the risk of producing babies with cleft lip or palate.

GRAPEFRUIT - They have high fibre content. Grapefruit has less calories as compared to orange. The phytochemicals and the soluble fibre help in reducing cholesterol.
APPLES - too give filling effect. Eating several apples a day may benefit you by taking you away from other food stuff. Flavinoids in fruits and vegetables have their benefits like those on high fruit and vegetable diet have less chance of getting a stroke.
BLACK BEANS - chickpeas and lentils are high in soluble fibre and low in fat. Regular intake of black beans lower the risk of colon cancer.
CHILLIES - Capsaicin found in chillies boost metabolism increasing the energy the body burns during digestion.
LOW FAT MILK - Calcium rich foods do seem to boost metabolism. Women and girls who consume dairy products regularly have lower weight and less body fat than those who don't. Plenty of calcium rich dairy food slash risk of ovarian cancer.
COTTAGE CHEESE - has much less fat as compared to cheddar cheese and it is also a very good source of protein. It also has calcium & vitamin B-12.
STRAWBERRIES - Strawberries, peaches, plums and grapes come with cancer fighting carotenoids and appetite suppressing fibre.