Smokers not only are more prone to lung and heart disease than non-smokers, they also are more vulnerable to diseases of gum.




Common sources of omega-3s are: fish, walnuts, broccoli, and edamame, green soy beans.



Sperm preservation

Which are the solutions used for sperm preservation and how long can sperms survive in these solutions? Also, which solutions used in sperm wash for artificial insemination?

Preservatives for sperms are

  1. Glycerol-egg yolk citrate, and
  2. Test yolk buffer.

Sperms are preserved in the above solutions by freezing at -2 degree'to -10 degreeC and stored in liquid nitrogen at -196 degree C. In this state the sperm can remain viable for years together. Preservation is done in polypropelene containers.

Sperm washing can he done with

  1. Hams F-10 solution, and
  2. EBSS Earle's balance salt solution.

These contain bicarbonate buffer and are supplemented with albumin. The solutions also contain antibiotics such as streptomycin plus penicillin or gentamycin. The pH is 7.2 - 7.4 and osmolality 280 mmol/litre.